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Vehicles, double jumping, wall boosts, sprawling outdoor areas akin to UT’s Onslaught mode, gritty city maps, and a focus on clan competition are all in the mix.
Omri PetittePC Gamer


Click the thumbnail to the right to watch our debut trailer or visit the MEDIA LIBRARY to browse through more videos and screenshots.

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February 17, 201513 days ago

V0.75 CURRY Build is NOW Live

With the release of V0.75 CURRY Build, we reached the first big milestone on our beta roadmap. Patch #003 brings your TOXIKK V0.73 Wasabi build up to V0.75 Curry build. Read more
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February 8, 201522 days ago


HACKING IS A CANCER TO COMPETITIVE ONLINE GAMING! We take the battle against hackers seriously and since Wasabi Build V0.73, TOXIKK is VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) enabled. VAC is a VERY effective way to sort out hackers. Read more
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February 6, 201524 days ago

Thank(k)s for an Awesome Launch

Wow, what a great launch. We really didn't expect that much positive feedback for an Early Access title (over 700 reviews, 91% positive, in less than two weeks). That's just awesome and you guys have no idea what this means to us and how motivational it is. Read more
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January 23, 20151 month ago

TOXIKK is Now Live on Early Access

It was a hell of a ride to polish everything up for our public debut, but it's finally done: The TOXIKK Early Access Beta is live on STEAM! We also put a 10% release discount on it, so if you are looking for a nice, old-school inspired Arena-FPS, look no more... Read more
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January 5, 20151 month ago

Real-Time 3D Previews Added

Seriously... who needs screenshots or trailers if you can have real-time 3D previews? If you click on the image below, you'll be taken to our interactive 3D previews page, where you'll find a couple of weapons and vehicles we've created for TOXIKK. Read more