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Click the thumbnail to the right to watch our debut trailer or visit the MEDIA LIBRARY to browse through more videos and screenshots.

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December 11, 201410 days ago

STEAM (Early Access) Release on Jan. 22

After going through a couple of heavy testing sessions, we now defined the final release date for the beta: TOXIKK will hit Steam's Early Access program on January, 22. We had to expand our original beta release estimation (Q4/2014) by three weeks Read more
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December 1, 201420 days ago


Looking for a nice Christmas gift? Maybe you find something in our newly opened TOXIKK apparel and gadgets shop. Each purchase on the shop supports us twice: First, the money we earn from selling apparel goes straight into improving the game and second, YOU wearing a TOXIKK shirt helps us spreading the word. Read more
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November 3, 20141 month ago

Developer Tracker Added

FIND THE IMPORTANT BITS. FAST! - Today we added a Developer Tracker to the community board to allow you to stay updated to all of our drivel in the various threads on the TOXIKK forum. You can access it right HERE, through the "Other Stuff" section on our community board Read more
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October 23, 20142 months ago

Video: The Movement of TOXIKK

Today, we released the first part of our "Making of TOXIKK" video series. In this ~10 minutes long video, our game director, Martin Schwiezer, talks about (and demonstrates) the basic and the advanced movement features of the game. Read more
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September 19, 20143 months ago

Video: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Yay... we finally got the game to a point, where we can show some alpha gameplay in action. It's pretty much just a three minutes long collection of random in-game captures from a couple of play sessions (both against bots and also live multi-player sessions), but it nicely demonstrates most of the weapons, the general movement model and the look of the maps. Read more