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Vehicles, double jumping, wall boosts, sprawling outdoor areas akin to UT’s Onslaught mode, gritty city maps, and a focus on clan competition are all in the mix.
Omri PetittePC Gamer


Click the thumbnail to the right to watch our debut trailer or visit the MEDIA LIBRARY to browse through more videos and screenshots.

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August 24, 20159 days ago

Upcoming Map: DEKK

We can finally show some WIP impressions of the first map to feature our freshly developed sci-fi theme. DEKK is not out yet, but here's a little sneak peek. Read more
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June 30, 20152 months ago


Get together and frag like it's 1999. From now and until TOXIKK's full release, we want to get the FRIDAY FRAG FESTS (F3) going as a weekly organized event. Join us, bring your friends, and let's frag into the wee hours of the morning. Read more
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June 25, 20152 months ago


This patch brings your V0.86 Parsley build up to V0.88. It's a massive update that features a new "XL map" for classic Cell Capture game mode (Foundation XL) plus a huge bag of enhancements, new features and fixes. Read more
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May 9, 20153 months ago

V0.86 PARSLEY - Spice It Up!

This patch brings your V0.85 Parsley Build up to V0.86. It features Classic Cell Capture (Non-Vehicle CTF) as a new game mode and Artifact XL as a new map. Read more
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April 22, 20154 months ago

V0.85 PARSLEY Build is NOW Live

This patch brings your V0.82 Basil Build up to V0.85 Parsley. While on the surface, the list of new features might appear to be relatively small, V0.85 is in fact a huge step for the game. Read more