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IN THE EARLY DECADES OF THE 22ND CENTURY, upon the peak of the global energy crisis, the exploited and polluted world is no longer run by governments. Mega corporations and cartels have replaced regimes and turned politicians into puppets to protect their interests.

The ongoing CARTEL WARS revealed EXOCOM and DRAYOS as the two most powerful syndicates among this new world order. Both factions hire armies of mercenaries to openly fight for control over Earth's remaining natural resources and a newly discovered, highly energetic element, named EDENIUM (En), commonly referred to as EDEN.


EXOCOM is a conglomerate of three European and five North American corporations. Their activities range from defense technologies, energy-providing and aerospatial research to transportation and metalworking. The alliance is led by DAVID REZA who is also CEO of TYPHERRA RESEARCH, Inc. (the biggest corporation of the eight member companies). The main reason for founding EXOCOM, was to counter the aggressive growth of DRAYOS.


DRAYOS ENERGIYA was founded by DIMITRI DRAYOS, a Russian oligarch, as an energy provider for various countries of the Eastern world. After the acquisition of China's biggest energy provider, DIMITRI DRAYOS soon became the most influential and wealthiest individual of the Eastern hemisphere. He then expanded DRAYOS into a multitude of other business areas by acquiring more corporations of the Eastern, but also of the Western world.


EDENIUM (aka EDEN) is a newly discovered, highly energetic element. It's rare and its origin remains a mystery, but was widely praised as the cure to the global energy crisis. However, these hopes have turned into a dream out of reach, as the main syndicates battle for control over all EDENIUM resources.


As a freelance MERCENARY, you offer your services to the two leading syndicates, DRAYOS and EXOCOM. Helping your clients enforce their claims abroad, you'll be sent to battlefields all over the world. The better you perform, the higher your rewards (MXP, achievements and ranks).