April 7, 2016


TOXIKK: CONTRACTS. After all these graphic intense blog entries, this one is not so flashy to look at, but still as exciting as the recent stuff. Today we'll look at TOXIKK's new single-player mode CONTRACTS.

As you may know, TOXIKK already has a single-player mode that allows you to play freely configurable matches (skill level, game mode, map, mutators etc.). We call it BOOT CAMP and it surely is well suited to practice against bots, to explore new maps or to learn the game modes. But due to its generic nature, it's neither very challenging, nor really rewarding to play. This is were CONTRACTS kick in:


TOXIKK: CONTRACTS is a series of pre-defined matches (contracts), tied together by a storyline: Being a 22nd century merc in the world of TOXIKK means that you offer your combat skills to the two leading syndicates: DRAYOS and EXOCOM rival for global domination on battlefields spread all around the globe. Accepting and completing their assignments, unlocks new missions.

Not only the completion of contracts is rewarded, but also your performance: If you complete a contract within a given time, score or other pre-defined conditions, you will be rewarded with Steam Achievements and MXP which will increase your rank (and can be used to unlock a multitude of new sexy power armors).

Another advantage of this new mode is that it not only introduces you to the world of TOXIKK, but also deeply into Arena FPS gameplay. You'll learn all the basic and advanced movement tactics, get to know the game modes and the best strategies to take them on... and a smooth learning curve will give you plenty of space to practice. TOXIKK: CONTRACTS starts with a VR training (your merc qualification) and then takes you all the way through every angle and aspect of TOXIKK's gameplay.

If you completed TOXIKK: CONTRACTS and collected most of its achievements and rewards, you will be perfectly prepared to show off your newly acquired l33t twitch shooter skills and FRAG LIKE IT'S 1999 in online matches. All of that learned and trained in the privacy of your offline home (and TOXIKK's new single-player mode).

Now the bad news: Due to its high complexity, CONTRACTS will not be released with v0.95, but with the patch AFTER. Hopefully all the other things that come with build .95 will keep you busy until the new mode arrives.
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That's it for today's news item. Stay tuned for tomorrow's view at another feature of our upcoming v0.95 build of TOXIKK.