August 2, 2014

Thankk You.

About 24 hours ago, we finally got around to unveil TOXIKK. After a little more than two years of development in the "dark", the whole process of publicly announcing the game was a very relieving and satisfying experience and simply a lot of fun for the entire Reakktor team.

Let me share some stats of our debut for the past 24 hours:

79,571 views - 1,605 Likes (72 Dislikes) - 644 comments

552 Likes (was 0 before)

207 Follower (was 0 before)

On Google, the term "TOXIKK" went up from 24 to 15,100 matches within 24 hours.

So, thanks to all of you for some awesome comments, the press coverage and simply for supporting this debut (also to Cliff Bleszinski, retweeting our debut trailer with the words: "I like competition. Gets me out of bed in the morning.").

Anyway, these were just the first 24 hours.
We'll now get back to work on the game. ;)