October 11, 2015


Just a quick heads up to let you know that we are A) still alive and B) have updated our BETA ROADMAP: We finally feel comfortable changing the TBAs on the remaining two major milestones back to real estimations:

The GINGER build generation will launch October 20 with the release of v0.9. Its main feature is our new sci-fi/tech theme to be introduced with the new map DEKK.

Shortly after (November) v0.93 will follow with another new map (CASTELLO) and a new game mode, AREA DOMINATION.

Build 0.95 will make some of the already existing maps (Ganesha, Foundation and Artifact) playable with the new game mode.

After Castello is out, we'll focus on the release of the SDKK. For technical reasons, it's important to have the majority of assets out before we release the SDKK and as Castello concludes the visual themes for the game, releasing the SDKK right after it seems to be the way to go.

We hope to realize all points above before the end of 2015, ...BUT the release of the SDKK comes with some sharp edges. If there's slippage at this point, it'll most likely be caused by SDKK related issues. *fingerscrossed*

Besides Area Domination, the Ginger build generation will bring two more game modes: Arch Rivals (Duel) and Lone Survivor (Last Man Standing). Both modes were originally scheduled to be already released, but as they require an improved spectator mode, we now plan to release them late January/early February 2016.

Once we have reached this point, the only thing separating TOXIKK from its full release is one more CTF map (according to our roadmap), ...but, as said before, we got a lot of surprise content that'll be made available with v1.0 and is not mentioned in the roadmap. This content will be announced with the release trailers of Toxikk (at the launch of our marketing campaign).

Speaking of the campaign: From the release of v0.9 on, we'll start to intensify our "presence". I.e. the launch of v0.9 will be accompanied with a little teaser trailer and we'll go on with that for every bigger update on our way to v1.0.

We are targeting a Q1/16 release, but it's still a bit early to give final word on that. One big indicator for the release date will be how fast we can get the SDKK out of the door (i.e. we can announce a more precise launch date AFTER the SDKK is out).

About our original plans to release TOXIKK in June (latest): I guess we'll need to excuse ourselves for being so blue-eyed to believe that we could've completed the game by then. So..., if you waited to play the full version this summer, please accept our apologies.

We know that there is a balance to keep between the need to communicate milestone dates and our ability to predict how well the development goes. This is not always easy and delays did not only arise from underestimating certain tasks, but also from heavily expanding our original goals. After all, this game is where our heart is and we do everything in our hands, to make it as good as possible (...while also trying to keep an eye on the release date).

Thanks for reading... and see you all in DEKK later this month.

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