August 18, 2014

Match Hosting for Everyone

Sticking to our "NO BULLSHIT" policy, Clan Admin Privileges (CAP) are no longer planned as a purchasable extra feature.

Instead, the CAP feature package (being able to host dedicated server(s), host online and LAN-games, and access to the game's Clan Admin Tools) will be available to everyone, with EVERY copy of Toxikk purchased!

The whole CAP package comes at no additional cost for pre-order customers (i.e. the price will stay at $15 per every individually purchased Steam key). Also, all other pre-order packages will remain at their established price.

Once the game is made available via Steam, we will raise the price per purchased copy (i.e. per Steam Key) to something around $20, but for every customer who pre-orders before that date through our store, the original price of $15 per key remains.

Clan Admin FAQ

Q: I've purchased a L5 (GODLIKE) founders' package. Will only my primary key come with the Clan Admin Privileges or will it extend to the other 3 keys as well?

A: As opposed to how it was handled before, all 4 keys will come with full access to the Clan Admin Tools, the ability to host games (LAN and Online) and the option to run dedicated server(s) now.

Q: I've purchased or plan to purchase a L2 (HEADSHOT) founders' package. Will the key come with Clan Admin Privileges?

A: As said above: EVERY copy of Toxikk purchased will come with access to the Clan Admin tools and the ability to host games. No exceptions (and at no extra costs for pre-order customers).

Q: How many dedicated servers can I run simultaneously?

A: This was not yet decided, but it will be more than one. We'll announce the limit once it's set.

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