August 11, 2014

LAN-Play and Dedicated Servers

UPDATE (August 18, 2014): This news post is (in part) obsolote. Access to the clan admin tools and the ability to host matches are now available for everyone with every purchase of the game at no additional cost for pre-order customers. See updated news item HERE.


Originally, we intended to limit match hosting for players who have purchased Clan Admin Privileges (CAPs) for TOXIKK to our own servers. However, as we saw that this plan was poorly received by the community (e.g. here and here), we started to discuss alternatives to liberalize the system and came up with a new plan which goes as follows:

If you have purchased CAPs, you will be able to set up a private dedicated server on your own machine. This server may literally be online forever. Besides the dedicated server option, you will also be able to host a match through a simple listener server on your machine via the game’s GUI, which will be online for the time you play (i.e. have the game running). A listener server will not only allow you to quickly host online matches, but also to host LAN-play matches. Happy LAN-partying everybody! :)

All privately hosted servers (no matter if dedicated or simple listener server) will be accessible to all players through separate tabs in the "available matches" list, besides the official Reakktor servers (but you will also be able to hide your server from being listed and/or password-protect it).

To keep things simple and fail-safe for players, CAP admins and Reakktor, this option will entirely replace the original plan to host private matches through our servers.

This is a fresh-born plan which was only tested for technical feasibility so far (i.e. we’ll not be able to answer detail questions at this point). However, this decision was set and will be realized in the game. To cover a few possible questions, we put up this little FAQ:

Q: Will I need to have CAPs (Clan Admin Privileges) to host a match?

A: Yes.

Q: Will I need to have CAPs to play on a privately hosted match (online or LAN)?

A: No.

Q: So, we have to pay to host matches?

A: Not exactly. Clan Admin Privileges come with all the tools you need to start and administrate your own clan (invite and administrate members, clan ranking, clan message system, setting up a clan home-server etc.). Being able to host your own matches is an obvious extension of this package.

Q: Are CAPs a one-time payment or a subscription?

A: Clan Administrator Privileges will be made available for a price lower than what you would pay for an average visit at your favorite fast food restaurant. You only pay ONCE and you'll keep them forever.

Q: Many other games allow every player to host games. Why don't you?

A: Knowing that you need to get a big player base for an MO game to make it attractive for as many people as possible, the price for Toxikk ($15 per pre-order, incl. Early Access) was set as low as possible. The majority of players is not interested in running an own clan or hosting own servers. We believe that it would be unfair to raise the base price of the game to let everybody pay for extra options that only a minority asks for, so we prefer to offer packages at different prize levels that fit your requirements.

Q: Right now, I will need to purchase the GODLIKE package on your pre-order page to get CAPs. It appears to be too expensive!

A: The GODLIKE package is NOT meant to sell CAPs. It comes with a lof of other stuff (like your name in the credits of the game, a boxed DVD edition, 4 game keys etc.). The package is meant as a founders' package for everyone who wants to support the development of TOXIKK at a maximum level. Granting the maximum amount of features in return, is just our way to say "Thank You!". But CAPs may be purchased separately at a later point (for a lower price). So, if you do not want to support the development at this level, but still want CAPs, you should wait until they are sold separately.

Q: Will privately hosted matches be ranked?

A: No. The CAP-Admin has full control over his server (e.g. he can kick players at his own discretion). We could either limit the control a CAP-Admin has over his server or have them ranked. Both wouldn't be feasible for obvious reasons. We decided to not limit the control a CAP-Admin has. He can set whatever mutators, maps, time and goal limits etc. he wants to apply to his matches.

If you want to discuss this announcement, you can do so here: