September 19, 2014

Video: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Yay... we finally got the game to a point, where we can show some alpha gameplay in action. It's pretty much just a three minutes long collection of random in-game captures from a couple of play sessions (both against bots and also live multi-player sessions), but it nicely demonstrates most of the weapons, the general movement model and the look of the maps. It is also meant to clarify the difference between Classic Maps (smaller maps, no vehicles) and Massive Maps (bigger maps featuring vehicular warfare).

Please keep in mind that this is alpha gameplay and a lot of things will still change before we launch into closed beta (Early Access). Anyway... I'm talking too much. :) Here it is:

(UPDATE: Given the somewhat crappy YouTube quality, HERE is also a downloadable version with improved quality. Download size is around 180 MB).

If you want to leave a comment or discuss the trailer, you can do so in the community forum.